5 Critical Things You Will Need To Do After A House Fire

It only takes minutes for a home to fill with smoke and burn which can leave your family feeling lost as to what to do next. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that many people do not know how to navigate until they experience it. Fortunately, you have access to experts who will help you through this difficult situation. When you know you are not alone, it makes it much easier to face the what-next of a house fire. Board-Up Kingz is dedicated to helping you through the process from the moment you need emergency services all the way through the construction of your home as you will need board-up services, tarping, shoring, or temporary fencing.

  1. Call Your Insurance Agent

After calling 911 to report the emergency, you will need to call your insurance agency so that you can get assistance. Your agent will come to the scene to help you file a claim which will ensure you get your home and temporary needs taken care of. The insurance agent will also help you to decide, based on coverage, what is best for you in regard to restoration, storage of possessions, and offsetting out-of-pocket costs.

  1. Call Board-Up Kingz

When firemen arrive on-site, their priority is to the safety of tenants which is why they often use doors and windows to gain access. Once the fire is out, their attention turns to safety which is why you will be required to call a board-up company after the fire chief clears your property. The fire department cannot legally leave until someone is there to board up your home. If the structure is damaged, you will also need a company who offers shoring services so that the building has the support it needs.

  1. Secure Housing

When your stability as a homeowner changes after a fire, it throws everything into question because your life is upended. One of the most expensive issues will be temporary housing. Insurance companies would not cover out-of-pocket expenses unless you paid for additional coverage. You also do not want to pay for housing that requires a lease if you only need it for a month or two. Here are a few ideas.

  • Rent A Room From A Family Or Friend: You will find that family and friends will be only too happy to offer you temporary housing. It will also offer you the most affordable options for a short-term rental situation.
  • Sub-Lease: Sublets are one of the most viable options if you prefer your own space as you can take over a lease for a short period of time.
  • Research Hotels That Offer Extended Stays: Trip Advisor has a list of the best extended stay hotels that will help you find the accommodations you need.
  1. Salvage Possessions

The restoration process will soon begin. You will eventually need to go back to your home and salvage any possessions, furniture, or cabinetry that does not have fire, smoke, or water damage. Begin the process by opening doors and windows to circulate air.

  1. Create A List Of Damaged Goods For Insurance Claim

Your insurance representative will require a list of goods that you intend to file a claim. You should take the time to make a video or take individual images as proof of damage.

Board-Up Kingz is fully licensed and insured in after-emergency services for customers in the New England area. Please call us at 781-202-7579 or by email at info@boardupkingz.com.