Board Up

When a residential or commercial property sustains damage due to a fire, flood, weather-related event, accident, or vandalism, it is vital that you secure your property to avoid further damage or losses which is why boarding up your property is important to protect your financial interests.
Whether your property sustained damage during a fire or when firefighters arrived and used doors or windows as an entrance to control the blaze, the local ordinance will require you to board up these areas immediately because of safety protocols. Fire officials are also not allowed to leave a site until it is fully secured which is why we offer such a fast response time of an hour.
Our goal is to quickly board up a property to prevent access to unwanted guests, animals, or weather-related elements. We will inspect and board up all access points including windows, walls, or doorways that are susceptible because of damage or the possibility of it.


Roof damage is a common occurrence because of falling trees, high winds, fire, and storms. Because of the consequences of water damage, your safety and property security are primary concerns which is why we provide emergency roof tarping services that limit the damage.
Tarping a roof provides many benefits including the prevention of secondary damage, leaks, and water damage like mold and mildew. We also inspect your roof and remove any debris while looking for the source of the damage. It also ensures that water flows naturally into your gutters.
We also look for broken panels, torn or missing shingles, dislocated tiles, or damaged vents. While you cannot count on being able to avoid roof damage, you can count on Board-Up Kings to respond immediately to your short and long-term tarping and roofing requirements.


When you experience residential or commercial building instability, you will need shoring services to secure your property. Shoring is a temporary solution that protects your home or business from collapse. After a thorough inspection, we will perform emergency temporary shoring services so that your property is ready for repairs. It will give your insurance agent, fire inspectors, authorities, and workers the time they need to design a plan of action to rebuild while also feeling secure that the property is stable enough to begin the process.

Temporary Fencing

Temporary fencing is a valuable and affordable service used across many industries as it limits access to property while projects are underway. It also limits the access to unauthorized personnel while protecting the integrity of a project. It secures an area from unwanted trespassers which can be of significant value for protecting expensive equipment or supplies, providing safety, controlling crowd size, limiting public access, or maintaining your workers’ privacy.
As temporary fencing is not meant for permanent use, it is a useful tool that has become an industry standard. Our staff quickly performs installation which will not disturb surface areas with holes or to your property foundation.

Our temporary fencing solutions include:

  • Residential Housing Sites
  • Construction Sites and Private Property
  • Safety Barriers for Swimming Pools
  • Any Situation That Will Benefit from Temporary Fencing
  • Crowd Control Barriers for Public Events, Sports, Concerts, Festivals, And Gatherings.

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